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  • GARNER Arts Center Opens State-of-the Art Gallery and Visitors Center

    GARNER Arts Center is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new gallery, Building 35, a magnificent state-of-the-art exhibition space and regional Visitors Center.

    Press Release

  • Robin Rosenberg accepts Access Award from BRIDGES on behalf of GARNER Arts Center

  • Art in the Heart of Rockland

  • Valley Table: Hudson’s Mill Tavern

    History is at the heart of Rockland County’s newest restaurant, Hudson’s Mill Tavern, in Garnerville.

  • Pinnacle Award

    Rockland Business Association Honors GHD President Robin Rosenberg with its Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in Business

    Rockland County Business Journal

  • Robin Rosenberg Appointed to MHREDC

    GHD President Robin Rosenberg is appointed to the Governor’s Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council

    Photo by Susan Stava Photography

  • Women of Achievement Award

    Rockland Business Women’s Network Honors GHD President Robin Rosenberg

    Rockland Business Women’s Network

  • Keep Rockland Beautiful Award

    President Robin Rosenberg accepts Keep Rockland Beautiful Beautification Award on behalf of GARNER Arts/Historic District.


  • Hipster Vibe Transforming Garner Historic District

    Photo by Like Haughwout

  • REDC Entrepreneur of the Year

    Rockland Economic Development Corporation honors President and CEO of Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, Robin E. Rosenberg, as Entrepreneur of the Year.

    Photo by Susan Stava Photography

  • Forbes: Industrial Arts Brewing Company Turns One

    An Interview With Jeff O’Neil.

  • Journal News: Rockland’s newest brewery

    A sneak peek into Industrial Arts Brewing Company.

    Photo by Christopher J. Eberhart

  • Radio Interview with Robin Rosenberg

    The Historical Society of Rockland County interviews President Robin Rosenberg on its radio program, Crossroads of Rockland History, June 20, 2016.

    1913 Picture of Complex

  • Rockland Print Works Historic District

    (aka GARNER Historic District of New York) listed on National and State Registers of Historic Places.

    Representative textile operations/Pacific Mills, Lawrence MA late 1800s

  • Preservation League of New York State awards $5800 for Feasibility Study

    Preservation League Awards Grant from Donald Stephen Gratz Preservation Services Fund

    Photo by Patrick Heaphy

  • State Historic Register Listing

    First Niagara Foundation Helps Jump Start Campaign to Restore GARNER Arts Center

  • Seven to Save

    Preservation League adds Garnerville Arts Center to Seven to Save list of endangered places for 2012-13

    Photo by Carucha L. Meuse

  • Historical Society of Rockland County

    Presents Preservation Award to Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center

    Photo by Patrick Heaphy