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Stoneheads by Ted Ludwiczak



Photo & Film Permits

GARNER Historic District provides a beautiful backdrop for photo and video shoots. Our media permit policies are as follows:

Souvenir & Casual Photos

You may take casual snapshots for personal use as a souvenir at any time without charge. Feel free to enjoy your trip and savor the memories.

Semi-Professional, Professional, and Media Use

Portraiture and photos taken for professional or semi-professional blogs, professional or semi-professional social media use, and photos taken for commercial use require a permit in advance. Please contact 845.947.1155 ext “0” for information.

Photographer Susan Stava, photo by Frank Vitale

Photographer Susan Stava, photo by Frank Vitale

Photo Op Locations

Explore some of our beautiful one-of-a-kind locations for photo and film shoots.