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What size spaces do you have available for rent?2022-08-24T11:32:21-04:00
  • Studio spaces range from 100 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Warehouse spaces range from 1000 to 20,000 sq. ft.
How do you charge for your warehouses and studios?2022-08-24T11:31:47-04:00

There is no set price per square foot. Spaces are generally priced by size and degree of finish.

Do you have any spaces available now?2022-08-24T11:31:10-04:00

Please check our space availability list under Rent – Available Spaces. We suggest you call the Rental Office at 845.947.1155 x106 as we often know of additional spaces not yet listed that may be coming available.

What are the requirements in order to take occupancy?2022-08-24T11:30:24-04:00

First month’s rent; security deposit equal to two month’s rent, signed lease (minimum 1 year), general liability insurance and use consistent with the Village of West Haverstraw zoning code for Mixed Use Planned Light Industrial zone (Rent Space – Zoning).

Will I have my own bathroom?2022-08-24T11:30:04-04:00

Most Warehouse spaces have their own bathroom(s). There are a few Studio spaces with private bathrooms but most are common.

Do you rent Studios by the day or week?2022-08-24T11:29:39-04:00

Sorry, we lease spaces for a minimum of 1 year.

Can I share a space with someone else?2022-08-24T11:29:14-04:00

Yes, you may share a Studio or Warehouse space with another person/business. Please contact us for details.

What is the square foot rental price of your spaces?2022-08-24T11:28:40-04:00

There is no set price per square foot as units differ in size, finish and amenities, location and whether utilities are included or separately metered. Please call 845.947.1155 x106 to obtain rental information.

What is not included in the rental price?2022-08-24T11:28:22-04:00
  • Tenants pay for their own cable, internet and phone. Optimum and Verizon service the complex.
  • Tenants pay for their own garbage removal.
  • Tenants in warehouse spaces pay for electric and gas heat which is separately metered and pay a water charge based on the number of individual plumbing units. Utilities are included in studio rentals.
  • Tenants provide and pay for air conditioning and hot water heaters.
  • An Electric Surcharge is imposed for air conditioning units (from June-September based on unit size) and hot water heaters installed in studio spaces.
Will I have access 24/7?2022-08-24T11:27:44-04:00

Yes, the district is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What is not allowed?2022-08-24T11:26:55-04:00
  • It is not permissible to reside in our spaces per zoning laws. Only those uses permitted under the Village of West Haverstraw zoning code for Mixed Use Planned Light Industrial zone (Rent Space – Zoning) are allowable.
  • Vehicle storage and vehicle repair are not permitted.
  • Vehicles are not permitted inside spaces for any reason at any time.
  • Smoking and Vaping are not permitted in any building.
Can I live here?2022-08-24T11:26:12-04:00

No, the District is strictly commercial, not residential.

Is there security on site?2022-08-24T11:25:51-04:00

The District is staffed 24/7. Watchmen make hourly rounds throughout the property nights and weekends.

Will you improve the space to meet my needs?2022-08-24T11:25:21-04:00

Spaces are leased “as is”. Please discuss your needs with our leasing agent.

Can I make modifications?2022-08-24T11:25:00-04:00
  • You can design and outfit the interior of the space as you wish. You may paint the walls, install carpeting, shelving, cubicle partitions and new light fixtures. We do not permit unpainted wood floors to be painted but they may be refinished.
  • Exterior modifications such as windows and doors must adhere to historic registry standards and Management approval is required.
  • Modifications which require a contractor must be in undertaken by Rockland County licensed and insured contractors and building permits may be required. All contractors must provide insurance naming us as additional insured under their liability policies.
Do I need a permit?2022-08-24T11:22:04-04:00
  • Certain work may require a permit from the Village of West Haverstraw. The Management Office can help connect you with the Building Inspector.
  • Permitted work must be by Rockland County licensed and insured contractors with Landlord named as additional insured under their liability policies.
What are the entrances to GARNER Historic District?2022-08-24T11:20:57-04:00

There are 4 entrances to the facility: the Main Entrance is from Railroad Avenue; there are two entrances off Bridge Street and one entrance is off Wall Street at the south end of the complex.

Is there a Maintenance and Cleaning Crew for the spaces?2022-08-24T11:20:32-04:00
  • We have a maintenance crew for general facility repairs and maintenance, and for plowing and salting roadways in the winter.
  • Tenants are required to take care of their own garbage disposal and maintenance and cleaning of their leased spaces. Tenants having their own entrances are required to shovel and salt their entry paths and doorways.
Do you charge common area maintenance fees?2022-08-24T11:19:56-04:00

Tenants in Warehouse spaces are assessed CAM charges based on size of space.

Is there truck access?2022-08-24T11:19:35-04:00

Yes and we have loading docks and overhead doors providing access to most Warehouse spaces. Please note that we are an historic 19th century facility and some roadways are narrow.

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